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Pipeline and Dashboard for Telecom Company


Python, Airflow, Boosting, PowerBI

The telecom giant grappled with difficult day-to-day operations, relying heavily on combining Excel sheets and individual queries for antenna analytics. With over 30K antennas under scrutiny, this approach was inefficient and lagged in providing insights, making it challenging to effectively monitor and evaluate antenna connectivity and its impact on customers.

Our data ingestion system was built to handle immense data loads—up to 800GB in total. With a backend supported by Airflow and Docker, we ensured that data processing was efficient, fast and transparent. This information was processed, refined, and then fed into a dashboard, resulting in a streamlined and more informative daily analytics view. This innovation enabled a clear, geographically detailed view of antenna performance and helped the team respond faster to connectivity issues, associating antenna problems with clients and enhancing the overall quality of service to their customers.

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