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Empowering Companies●
with Today's AI.

Cutting-edge AI consultancy that redefine industries.




We focus on value — AI is our tool

Cognitiva Labs is a boutique AI consultancy firm dedicated to providing cutting-edge AI and machine learning solutions, untainted by vague promises. Serving businesses across industries, our approach is simple: assess, suggest, and refine alongside your business until we land on a value-added solution. Our mission remains: real innovation, tangible results.

From the birth of a concept to its realization, we ensure your enterprise harnesses the true power of today's tech innovations.



AI Strategy


To truly harness the power of AI, a robust strategy is paramount. We help by deeply understanding your business needs, ensuring your data is primed, your infrastructure is ready and building your AI team.

Big Data


We empower your business to train AI models optimized for big data. We help in designing, building and maintaining your data pipelines. The foundation of successful machine learning lies in the quality of data — and that's where our expertise truly shines.

Data Science


Whether it's Dynamic Pricing for airlines, Optimization of resources for logistics, or Causal Evaluation of an incrementality campaign - we excel across the spectrum. Our commitment is to design, tailor, and validate AI models that drive the growth.



Seamlessly deploy and monitor machine learning models, ensuring they operate at peak performance. Our technical mastery guarantees your AI initiatives are always value-centric and efficient.


01.  Value Determination - 2h meeting

  • Dive deep into your company’s challenges and understand where AI can transform them into opportunities.

  • Ensure that the project's objectives align with delivering tangible enhancements to your operations.

  • Assess and recommend AI solutions that will yield results for your business in the short term.

02.  Technology Assessment

  • Review your data collection pipelines to confirm we have all information needed to develop the solution.

  • Conduct a preliminary analysis to gauge the potential of achieving the goal of the project.

  • Provide high level summary of the attainability of the project and the rewritten goals and objectives.

03.  Implementation of project - 8+ weeks

  • Develop the  solution with a strong  feedback mechanism, allowing for validation using your domain expertise.

  • Prioritize user-centric development to ensure solutions are intuitive and relevant to end-user needs.

  • Deploy the solution tailored to cater specifically to your business's requirements and goals.

04.  Delivery of solution

  • We explain and benchmark the results of the final AI solution, making sure there is transparency at every step.

  • Beyond PPT: we  include complete deployment setups, ensuring the solution works and scales as needed.

  • We advise and prepare roadmap plans for the evolution of the product to ensure it keeps producing peak value

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